Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

Most of us know we need to exercise more, but often people don’t know where to start, what to do, how much, how often.  The answers to these questions depend on each individual’s particular needs and goals.  Personal trainers assess their clients and tailor an exercise plan that addresses those needs and goals.  For experienced exercisers, personal trainers can assist clients in breaking through exercise plateaus or boredom by selecting exercises that will continue to challenge the body in new ways.

How do I sign up?

Fill out a Personal Training Request form and Pushing Limits Team member will pass on the request to the personal trainers. The personal trainer will call the client to schedule the first appointment. 

What is HITT?

As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training is done at a high level of strength, for brief periods (30-60 seconds). Each exercise is followed by a rest or active recovery for 20-30 seconds.

What should I expect at Rise and Grind HIIT?

You will see many different types of people and fitness levels in HIIT. The workout is about getting through the 30-second sequences while working at each circuit station. Burpees, planks, squats, and bodyweight exercises are mixed in with fitness tools including push-sleds, sandbags, hand weights, balance balls, battle ropes, and other equipment to keep the intensity up during HIIT sets. Bring plenty of water, a hand towel, and wear functional comfortable clothes and shoes.

Do I need a gym membership?



Still have questions? Feel free to contact us today and we'd be happy to help! Email: info@pushinglimitsllc.com